Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Shenyang Urban Construction University & Study in syucu

Application and payment procedure



Download the application form and then send the condensed application form and other application materials to

• No hand written application form is accepted but the digital one.

SYUCU will verify the materials and respond within 5 working days. And begin the jw202 process.

Please do not remit charge before receiving admission letter.

Jw202 form application is successful

Remit the charge (20% of tuition and registration fee of 600 RMB), scan the remittance receipt and send the corresponding digital copy to

• Registration comes into effect after remittance.

• Registration fee of 600 RMB will not be returned.

• The 20% of Tuition will be refunded only for the reason of visa refusal.

When the remittance arrives, SYUCU will deliver the admission letter and the master copy of JW202 to applicants

Apply to the Chinese embassies or consulates in applicants’ countries for the studying visa with admission letter and the master copy of JW202

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